Saturday, March 17, 2012

Three loops remain!

The loops of our chain have been cut off daily and only three remain. A chain that used to hang from ceiling to floor has disappeared before our eyes and now it barely "hangs" at all. Tuesday is creeping into view and eight large bags cover our bedroom floor just begging to be zipped so as not to lose all their contents! 253 pills fill the orange bottles on our counter. Hopefully, these pills are more potent than the mosquitoes bite and keep Malaria away. We are processing a lot of different emotions right now. If I sit long enough, tears pool as I anticipate this journey. Full of excitement, reality, wonder, anticipation, hope, and love. So honored to walk this path of life. Life...a gift!

Questions about the plane ride, red soil, and the land of gorillas fall off our kids tongues. Questions about the sweet little face in the photos that we've been looking at for months. What will her voice sound like? What will she look like sleeping? Will she be mild or wild or some personality in between? Will she like the stuffed monkey with vibrating musical tail that the kids picked out for her? Will she be afraid? Will the warm sun be soothing to our skin or will we return crispy like bacon from its intensity? So many questions. A lot of life to be experienced. A little girl to love.

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